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 Plan B Productions

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PostSubject: Plan B Productions   Mon May 20, 2013 8:04 am

New ABC TV show based in Arcadia

Resurrection to be 2013-14 mid-season replacement

ARCADIA VALLEY – The announcement of a new ABC TV series produced by native Missourian Brad Pitt is causing quite a stir in the Arcadia Valley. The paranormal show, “Resurrection,” is set in one of the valley’s tri-cities — the small town of Arcadia, population 608.

City Clerk Lisa Light said she first learned about the show around six months ago when she received a phone call from Pitt’s production company, Plan B Entertainment.

“When they were shooting the pilot they ran some character names by me to make sure they weren’t the same or similar to the names of real Arcadia residents,” said Light. “They called a couple of other times and went over different names with me. I recognized one or two of them in the sneak peek of the show.”

It was the May 14 debut of the Resurrection clip on the website that grabbed the attention of Arcadia Valley residents who began uploading the sneak peek to their Facebook pages in droves last week.

The website’s description of the show’s premise is both creepy and enticing:

“The people of Arcadia, Mo., are forever changed when their deceased loved ones suddenly start to return. An 8-year-old American boy wakes up alone in a rice paddy in a rural Chinese province with no idea how he got there. Details start to emerge when the boy, who calls himself Jacob, recalls that his hometown is Arcadia and an immigration agent, Martin Bellamy, takes him there. The home he claims as his own is occupied by an elderly couple, Harold and Lucille Garland, who lost their son Jacob more than 30 years ago. While they look different, young Jacob recognizes them as his parents.

“Those closest to the family try to unravel this impossible mystery, including Sheriff Fred Garland whose wife Barbara drowned 30 years ago trying to save Jacob. But this boy who claims to be the deceased Jacob knows secrets about his own death that no one else knows — secrets that Fred’s daughter Gail will begin to investigate and discover to be true.”

The stars of Resurrection are first-rate, almost all having appeared in well-known TV shows and feature films of years past. They include Omar Epps (House) as Martin Bellamy; Matt Craven (Crimson Tide, A Few Good Men) as Fred; Devin Kelley (Chernobyl Diaries, The Chicago Code) as Gail; Frances Fisher (Titanic) as Lucille; Kurtwood Smith (That 70s Show) as Harold; Sam Hazeldine (The Raven) as Abel; Samaire Armstrong (Entourage, The O.C.) as Elaine; Nicholas Gonzalez (Off the Map) as Connor; Mark Hildreth (Dragon Ball Z) as Tom; and newcomer Landon Gimenez as Jacob.

Now, here’s the bad news for those already making plans to head over to Arcadia for a chance to meet one of the show’s A-list Hollywood stars — the show isn’t being filmed anywhere close to southeast Missouri.

“When I first started getting calls at city hall about the show, I thought they were going to be filming it here,” said Light. “But I guess they aren’t.”

It’s true. Word has it that the show’s exteriors are being filmed somewhere in Georgia. The interiors will undoubtedly be shot on a Hollywood soundstage. The few glimpses one has of Arcadia in the sneak peek have few if any similarities to the real place. While the show apparently intends to depict Arcadia as an attractive all-American small town with a charming town square, attractive buildings and a barber shop straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting, the reality is starkly different.

Arcadia — and all of Iron County, for that matter — has seen tough times since its heyday as a worldwide mining mecca. Once the weekend destination of choice for well-to-do St. Louisians who took the train down from the big city to enjoy the area’s unparalleled natural beauty and recreational opportunities, those days are long gone. The nation’s economic downturn of recent years has only made things worse.

While the town of Arcadia has many beautiful homes, a scattering of successful businesses and truly historic places such as the former Ursuline Academy, the town’s main street itself is largely made up of empty storefronts and decaying buildings. The town’s downtown post office shut it’s doors not long ago and the last Main Street restaurant, Aunt Mary’s, gave up the ghost just a couple of weeks ago. Nowadays, except for the bank, a thrift store, city hall and the Signer Senior Center, there aren’t many reasons to visit downtown Arcadia anymore.

So, that begs the question of how a new and highly anticipated ABC TV series came to be set in Arcadia, Mo., of all places. To find that out, you have to speak to Jason Mott, the author of a soon-to-be-published novel titled “The Returned,” on which the show Resurrection is based.

He explained that, while the novel is based on the town of East Arcadia, N.C., the show’s screenwriter changed the location to Arcadia, Mo.

The southeastern North Carolina writer has a distinguished resume. His poetry and fiction has appeared in various journals such as Prick of the Spindle, The Thomas Wolfe Review, The Kakalak Anthology of Carolina Poets, Measure and Chautauqua. Mott was nominated for a 2009 Pushcart Prize award and is the author of two poetry collections: We Call This Thing Between Us Love, and “…hide behind me…”

The Returned, Mott’s first novel, is being released in August.

Surprisingly, the distinguished author revealed that he hails from a town the same size as Arcadia — and to this day continues to have nothing but positive feelings and a strong connection to such communities.

“Growing up in a small town has definitely influenced my writing,” he said. “I love small towns. There's an intimacy and familiarity there that cannot be found in any other place. Roots run deep in small towns and it makes me feel like part of something far-reaching. I'm able to see firsthand how people interact with one another and how good things can happen. In large cities that gets lost in the flood of humanity. You lose sight of the small things, I feel, and life is all about the small things. I honestly think I'll always write about small towns. It's what I know and it's what I love.”

Mott believes the city of Arcadia is going to reap some positive benefits from the show that is slated to be a 2013-14 mid-season replacement for the network.

"I honestly think that your Arcadia will get more attention from all this than the ‘real’ Arcadia,” he said. “Books are books, but television is television. Know what I mean? So maybe that will help with tourism for you guys. At the very least, I'm sure it'll help grab a little more attention.”

Mott said that in recent days he’s been contacted by several Arcadia Valley residents, one of whom is local author Melissa Miles McCarter. In her conversations with Mott, she mentioned the idea of having ABC screen a preview of the show in the Arcadia Valley.

“While Jason thought it was a great idea, the people I contacted with ABC said that because it’s a mid-season replacement, they weren’t interested in doing a preview heresaid Miles McCarter.

Undaunted, Miles McCarter said she is looking for a way that Mott can visit the Arcadia Valley in the near future, and that’s not all.

“My husband Matt (McCarter), who is president of the River Valley Region Association, told me his organization has already snagged the Internet domain ‘’ to direct people who might be searching for information about the show to a site where they can find out more about the real Arcadia,” she said.

The RVRA is not alone in thinking about how a major TV show could help the town’s economic prospects. Arcadia Mayor Roy Carr also sees a potential benefit.

“Well, I think it will be a good thing to get people acquainted with the town,” he said. “Maybe it will get the tourists in.”

It appears that this unassuming southeast Missouri town may be about to experience a resurrection of its very own.

Kevin Jenkins is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at (573) 518-3614 or
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PostSubject: Re: Plan B Productions   Fri May 24, 2013 9:44 pm

Plan B Entertainment make major announcement

Brad Pitt promotes Jeremy Kleiner to Co-President of Plan B

By Iain Alexander 23 May 2013 / 0 Comments and 1 Reaction

According to a report released a short while ago by The Wrap, Brad Pitt and Plan B President Dede Gardner have announced their new co-President.

Plan B Entertainment, a film production company formed by Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Grey back in 2002 has produced several features along with some of Hollywood’s main studios including Warner Bros, Paramount and 20th century Fox. This includes the upcoming ‘World War Z’ starring Brad Pitt which will be distributed by Paramount.

Brad Pitt issued a statement regarding the new appointment on Wednesday:

“Jeremy Kleiner has played an immeasurable role in the success of this company. This promotion is long overdue. We are happy to make it official,”

Kleiner has worked with Pitt and Gardner on numerous projects, including ‘Twelve Years a Slave’ which comes out at the end of the year. Plan B Entertainment has been involved with some of the biggest box office success of the past decade and its upcoming film slate includes ‘Kick Ass 2′ and ‘Cobra : The Space Pirate’.

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PostSubject: Re: Plan B Productions   Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:28 am

Starz announces 'Monsters of God' drama series
Starz says it is developing "Monsters of God," a Texas-set, post-American civil war drama series from writer, director and producer Rod Lurie.

Lurie's credits include "The Contender," "The Last Castle" and "Straw Dogs."

He is working on "Monsters of God" with Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment production company.

Lurie and his long-time producing partner Marc Frydman will executive produce via their Battleplan Productions banner.

Set in Texas in 1867, during the Comanche Wars, "Monsters of God" follows two powerful ex-cavalry men, a war-hungry colonel, and his seemingly by-the-book executive officer as they struggle to maintain order over the men in their command, faced with the challenges of an uncivilized territory and their own inner demons, a synopsis said.

No casting has been announced yet.

"'Monsters of God' will be set against the backdrop of a one of most savage times in our nation's history, the Comanche Wars, centered on two men faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges," Carmi Zlotnik, managing director of Starz, said in a statement Wednesday.

"We could not be more thrilled to team up with Rod Lurie, who not only conducted extensive research but has an incredible track record for bringing political and psychological thrillers to life in a way that we think our viewers will find compelling."

"If you want to make a series that is big, ballsy and epic, you go to Starz," Lurie said. "I am hoping that the show will have enormous scope, but never at the expense of historical accuracy. My fellow producers and I can't wait to take a shot at this."


Read more:
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PostSubject: Re: Plan B Productions   Thu Jun 20, 2013 8:40 am

First look: 'Twelve Years a Slave'

'Slave' Sneak Peek
Enjoy a first look at a few images from the upcoming film '12 Years a Slave' which is based on a true story and features Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Paul Giamatti, Paul Dano, Sarah Paulson, Alfre Woodard and Chiwetel Ejiofor

Solomon Northup's story comes to life on screen with Chiwetel Ejiofor and behind the scenes thanks to Brad Pitt.

Hollywood is giving a history lesson on an unsung abolitionist hero.
Twelve Years a Slave, slated for a fall release, is director Steve McQueen's adaptation of the 1853 autobiography of Solomon Northup, an African-American who was born a free man but was tricked, captured and sold into slavery. He wound up working for 12 years on Louisiana plantations.
The British filmmaker is well-versed in American history, but he found Northup's story to be completely obscure. "It was the Anne Frank story of America of that time,'' says McQueen. "It's the situation and the detail of Solomon's recollection of those events that ingrained itself in my brain, and the humanity of everyone involved."
MORE: Discover more sneak peeks at USA TODAY Movies
One of the things that stood out when McQueen read the book was how much of a gentleman Northup was, even under extreme circumstances. That's why he tapped English actor Chiwetel Ejiofor (Kinky Boots, American Gangster) to bring the figure to life.
"He's like a Sidney Poitier or even Harry Belafonte," McQueen says. "There's a certain kind of class and dignity about him. He brings that with him wherever he goes."
The movie is a historical tale but also very much a straightforward and humbling journey for the audience, Ejiofor says. "He goes through an extraordinary ordeal, a very painful, brutal experience, and found a kind of redemption on the other side of it."
Northup actually struck up an "extraordinary friendship" with his first owner, Baptist preacher William Ford (Benedict Cumberbatch), says Ejiofor. But most of his 12 years was spent under the watch of the cruel planter Edwin Epps (Michael Fassbender), who posed an incredible physical and mental challenge to Solomon.
"Edwin Epps was able to create a very oppressive circumstance with great ease, almost flippantly'' says Ejiofor. "It's a very dramatic relationship and interesting dynamic they have as Solomon is attempting to survive it. Epps is not some Machiavellian character — he just has a mindset and a personality that allowed him to behave in a certain way to the people he owns."
McQueen, who cast Fassbender in his dramas Hunger (2008) and Shame (2011), says the actor has an intensity to his performance "that no one's ever seen before, and that's saying something."
Recent best-actress Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis stars as Solomon's young daughter, and the cast also includes her Beasts of the Southern Wildco-star Dwight Henry,The Wire's Michael K. Williams, Paul Giamatti and Alfre Woodard.
The film also features newcomer Lupita Nyong'o — "a star is born," McQueen says of his discovery. A recent Yale drama grad, Nyong'o plays Patsey, a slave whom Solomon befriends on the plantation and who has a volatile relationship with Epps, much to dismay of Epps' wife (Sarah Paulson).
Brad Pitt has a small role as a Canadian carpenter who is integral to Solomon's eventual freedom, but he played a much larger part as a producer and A-list force behind the scenes.
"Without Brad, this film wouldn't have been made. Fact," McQueen says. "Just his presence sometimes could lift everyone's mood. It's like having a great ballplayer on a team. He doesn't have to play a big role, but his presence can lift everyone's game."
McQueen and Ejiofor appreciate that Twelve Years a Slave will be many moviegoers' introduction to an important figure along the lines of a Harriet Tubman or Frederick Douglass.
"His story is not something that's been mythologized or idealized. It's raw and it's right there and it's a real connection," Ejiofor says.
"You can look at this film and be of any ethnic grouping and identify with Solomon," McQueen adds. "He has been taken away into circumstances that are horrific and not pleasant. All he wants is to get back to his family."
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PostSubject: Re: Plan B Productions   Sat Jun 29, 2013 8:30 am

Find Out Why Michael Fassbender And Brad Pitt's Next Movie Is Looking Better Than EverAuthor: Katey Rich | published: 2013-06-28 11:49:00 5 Comments

Whether you caught his previous films Hunger and Shame or only heard all the jokes about Michael Fassbender's penis, there's plenty of reason to look forward to director Steve McQueen's upcoming third film, 12 Years A Slave. It's a huge departure for the visual-artist-turned-director, bringing back Fassbender in a supporting role but primarily focusing on Solomon Northrup, a man played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, who was living as a free black man in pre-Civil War upstate New York when he was kidnapped and forced into slavery. Sure, that's a grim story, but with a cast that includes Brad Pitt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Beasts of the Southern Wild's Quvenzhane Wallis, The Wire's Michael K. Williams and other luminaries, it ought to hit hard.

Now some early buzz confirms our high expectations. Deadline reports that distributor Fox Searchlight has been testing the film and earned fantastic audience response, which has inspired them to give Slave an even better Oscar season release date. It had originally been scheduled for December 27, but now the studio will begin a "limited platform release"-- meaning it will open in a handful of theaters at a time until it's eventually everywhere-- on October 18.

Why is October 18 better than December 27? Let's look at examples from last year's Oscar season to explain it. Opening in mid-October last year was Argo, the Best Picture-winning juggernaut that also made a fortune at the box office; the post-Christmas week of December, on the other hand, marked the debuts of trickier Oscar hopefuls, like the tsunami drama The Impossible or Michael Haneke's Amour. All three of them went on to awards success, and relative box office success too; but October is the time when movies have to compete with studio blockbusters (like last year's Skyfall or Paranormal Activity 4). There are blockbusters released on Christmas Day, of course, but the post-Christmas release date assumes that movies will spend the quiet early January running off good word-of-mouth and awards nominations-- with little chance at a big box office splash, that's often the best they can do.

So with 12 Years A Slave now coming October 18, we can now assume that Fox Searchlight hopes it will perform much better with bigger audiences than Hunger (opened 12/5/2008; less than $150,000 total domestic cross) or Shame (opened 12/2/2011; $3.9 million total gross). Is Steve McQueen about to become as big a household name as Steve McQueen? He's at least on the right track.
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Plan B Productions
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